Bus Poetry 6th edition

The 6th edition of Bus Poetry includes 3 authors from Estonia and 13 authors from our sister cities of literature

In Spring 2021 the 6th edition of the prject Bus Poetry was launched. Initiated by the Estonian Literary Society in 2015 with the aim to introduce literary works in the everyday urban space, Bus Poetry has become part of our city's identity as a city od literature. Poems are displayed on stickers in the interior of city buses, the selection of authors and texts alternating regularly and offering works by local authors as well as by poets from our partner cities. The 6th edition includes 3 Estonian poets and 13 authors from our sister cities of literature:

Estonian poets:
Timo Maran
Maarja Pärtna
Oyvind Rangoy

Authors from our partner cities:
Melbourne - Broede Carmody (translated by Kersti Unt)
Nottingham - Trevor Wright (translated by Kersti Unt)
Obidos - Miguel Martins (translated by Carolina Pihelgas)
Uljanovsk - Vjatšeslav Savin (translated by Aare Pilv)
Odessa - Eduard Bagritski (translated by Eda Ahi)
Manchester - Elizabeth Gibson (translated by Kersti Unt)
Iowa City - Lauren Haldeman (translated by Kersti Unt)
Lillehammer - Amani AboShabana (translated from Arabic by Amar Annus)
Nanjing - Han Dong (translated by Märt Läänemets)
Quebec City - Aurian Haller (translated by Kersti Unt)
Krakow - Magorzata Lebda (translated by Hendrik Lindepuu)
Wonju -Jeong Gwang-ho (translated by Kersti Unt)
Heidelberg- Safak Sarcieck (translated by Maarja Kangro)