Events, projects and festivals


Tartu is like an experimental laboratory where global ideas, academic knowledge, artistic creativity and a broad variety of lifestyles are being synthesised

The vibrant literary scene of Tartu offers around 30 literary events per month, events ranging from book presentations, poetry slams, and literary salons to book festivals and fairs. In addition to events, several long-term literary projects are run in the city as well as international programs such as residency and mobility programs.


Main events and projects:

Festivals - There are several annual literary festivals in Tartu, the biggest and oldest festival, Prima Vista took place for the first time iin 2004

Literary Projects - There are several long-term literary projects lead by different organisations and institutions in Tartu

Residencies - Residencies for writers and translators are a rapidly evolving aspect of Tartu City of Literature.

Regular events - There are many literary events taking place regularly in Tartu. Some of them have a long history, some are initiatives of the recent years.