In 2017 the City Government in cooperation with Tartu Folk University launched a new program for tour guides offering training to become a certified city of literature guide. At present there are several literature-related tours available, including the following options for international guests:

Tartu as UNESCO's City of Literature – a guided literary walk
During this literary walk in the Old Town Tartu you will learn how is reflected in literature and which places can be linked  to various literary works, authors, and literary history.
Languages: Estonian, english, Swedish
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A tour with Oskar Luts and Raja Teele
This fun and educational tour takes you back in history to the places described by one of the most beloved Estonian authors, Oskar Luts. Discover the historical Tartu together with the writer and one of his most well-known characters, Raja Teele!
Languages: Estonian, German
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Although not exclusively literary, but connected to the cultural diversity and the unique atmosphere of the city, the tours offered by the company Pseudo Tours offer an opportunity to experience the cultural Tartu via its street art, cultural spaces and architecture. Top-rated among Tartu tours in TripAdvisor, Pseudo Tours offers thematic walks such as Twisted History and Polish Trails in Tartu among others.
Languages: several
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