The first ever 24-hour Insomniacathon in Estonia produced by Ron Whitehead (USA) in collaboration with local organisers! May 11th-May 12th at Tartu Literature House.

24h Insomniacathon 11.-12.05 2019Produced by the Kentucky poet Ron Whitehead, the fourth writer-in-residence of Tartu UNESCO City of Literature, the last day of Prima Vista will be celebrated with the first ever Insomniacathon in Estonia. An Insomniacathon is a 24-hour non-stop arts event, a temporary autonomous zone where people come together to create, produce, perform and share their creative work. All creative arts are included: poetry, prose, music, painting, photography, sculpture, dance, theatre, film. The concept and genre of an insomiacathon was developed by Ron Whitehead in 1990s and while introducing the history of this phenomenon on the webpage he has also pointed out that producing one is a “near death experience” .Therefore, in Tartu Ron will be backed up by local cultural organisers as well as, hopefully, the participants - both the audience as well as writers, musicians and artists from Estonia and abroad. The programme of the day will be mixing planning with improvisation, including announced performers as well as open mic and jam sessions. 


May 11th at Tartu Literature House
10.00 Opening words by Ron Whitehead and morning coffee
11.00 Open workshop – translating Aristophanes
NB! It is not necessary to have skills in translating and/or Ancient Greek language
14.00 The Beat The Outsider The Underground – talk and Q&A presented by Ron Whitehead (USA) and Andy Willoughby(UK)
15.00 Theatre Vanemuine presents: reading of the play „Kirvetüü“ by Ott Kilusk
16.00 Vahur Afanasjev
16.30 Book presentation by Martin Oja
17.00 Luulur
17.30 Performances by the participants of Drop the Mic mobility program (Iceland, Norway)
18.00 Collaboration of the unexpected: Ron Whitehead (USA), Andy Willoughby (UK), Kalle Niinikangas (Finland), Amiri Darwish (Syria/UK), Kaisa Ling, Aapo Ilves, Steve Vanoni (USA/Estonia), Erki-Andres Nuut (Estonia)
20.00 Merca
20.30 Indrek Spungin
21.00 Kaisa Ling Thing
22.00 Jüri Kolk
22.30 Kaisa Kuslapuu
23.00 Open mic session
00.00 Steve Vanoni
00.30 Iso Pullo
01.00 DJ Dayseleeper
02.00 Iso Pullo
2.30 DJ Kaspar Jassa
04.00 Screening of the videos of the literary Tartu
05.00 DJ Kaspar Jassa
6.30 Sunrise and depressive cover songs by Kerstin Vestel and Martha Rattus
07.00 Open mic session
7.30 The weirdest literary quiz in the world
08.00 Surprise
9.00 Closing of the programme on the stairs of Tartu Literature House: presentation of the collaborative poetry and art work created during the insomniacathon. Reflections on the event by Ron Whitehead. Songs by Hebo Rahman. Morning coffee.


Additional information
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