In Tartu, the World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated also as the Day of Books and Roses. This romantic concept, borrowed from the Catalan tradition, was introduced in Tartu in the 1990s and later has become a traditional warm-up event for the international literary festival Prima Vista taking place in the beginning of May.

The programme includes a book fair and presentations as well as the announcement of the winners of two literary prizes - the Childhood award for the best children's book and the First Step debute award for beginning authors. During the day roses are given to the visitors of Tartu Kaubamaja shopping centre and people have the opportunity to give their roses to the staff members of the Apollo bookstore and get a free book in return. There are different venues across the city but in 2016 the book fair and most of the events take place at Tartu Observatory.

Full programme and information about the international literary festival Prima Vista available on the webpage: