Regular Literary Events

A guide to the regular literary life in Tartu

There are many literary events taking place regularly in Tartu. Some of them have a long history, some are initiatives of the recent years. All types of events have their own schedule but the organisers collaborate to avoid overlapping as much as possible. 

Literary Tuesdays
Organised by the Tartu Department of the Estonian Writers' Union, the Literary Tuesdays take place every week from September to May at Tartu Literature House, often in cooperation with various other organisations. This series of events has a 10 year old tradition and the programme is diverse, ranging from book presentations and poetry readings to seminars and discussions as wel as concerts and theatre performances.

Literary Cafés at Tartu Public Library
Among various other literary events and exhibitions, Tartu Public Library organises montly literary cafés since 2007. Every month a book is selected for the next month's gathering so the readers have time to read the book before coming together on the last Thursday of the next month to discuss it with other readers as well as guest speakers. Since 2014 the library organises a monthly pop-up literary café for the youth. A series of literary events dedicated to travel books also takes place in cooperation with the publishing house Petrone Print.

TarSlämm poetry competition
Initiated by the poet Jaan Malin, the tradition of regular poetry slam competitions is a few years old in Tartu. The poetry slams take place monthly from autumn to spring at the cultural club Arhiiv at the basement hall of Tartu Literature House and the finale is organised during the Literary Festival Prima Vista. Tou can find information about the schedule on the Tarslämm Facebook page.

Literary quizzes
Initiated in 2014 by the cultural club Arhiiv the regular literary quizzes have been very popular among the students as well as writers and critics. Everybody can participate in teams of up to 4 members and sme regularly attending teams also take turns compiling the quizzes.

Literary salons
Since 2016 literary events in the form of a salon have become more and more popular in Tartu. Offering a way of experiencing more informal gatherings, readings and discussions on literary topics the salons attract different generations and, depending on the performer or topic, also people with different interests. Salon nights take place regularly at the bookshop Utoopia, at the same time literary home salons - gatherings with readings at people's homes are organised by NGO Kultuurikorraldus in cooperation with Tartu City of Literature Office.