Festival "Hullunud Tartu"

Tartu rahvusvaheline interdistsiplinaarne festival "Hullunud Tartu"

Rahvusvaheline Interdistsiplinaarne festival "Hullunud Tartu" pakub kuulamiseks-vaatamiseks kirjandust, muusikat ja kujutavat kunsti nii Eestist kui ka teistest riikidest. Festival tutvustab nii kohalike kui ka välisautorite loomingut ning pakub publikule mitmekesist programmi, luues piire kompavaid elamusi piire kompavas novembrikuises Tartus. 2010. aastal kirjanik Jaan Malini algatusel sündinud festival on kujunenud oodatud sündmuseks Eesti kultuurielus. Festival toimub iga kord uues kohas ning alati luuakse side ka festivali sisu ja toimumiskoha vahel.

Hullunud Tartu 2018 toimub 8. ja 9. novembril Tartu Kirjanduse Majas. Täpsem info peatselt tulekul!


Hullunud Tartu/ Crazy Tartu is an international interdisciplinary festival that takes place in November since 2010. The festival, initiated by the Estonian poet Jaan Malin and organised in cooperation with the Estonian Literary Society and the Estonian Writers' Union, brings together writers, poets, musicians and artists from all over Estonia and also from abroad. One of the aims of the festival is to offer to the audience as many unseen or unheard things as possible. This is also one of the reasons why we have chosen different venues for the festival: in 2010 it took place at the former psychoneurological hospital, in 2011 in the old anatomical theatre, in 2012 in the former printing house that houses now the Paper Museum, in 2013 - at the former church of the University of Tartu, in 2014 - at the ouse of Tartu New Theatre. In 2015 the festival took place parallelly with the European Poetry Slam Chamionship at Vilde restaurant and café. In 2016 the venue was the cultural club Geinalistide Klubi, and in 2017 the festival was organised at the culture factory Aparaaditehas. Crazy Tartu 2018 will take place on November 8th and 9th at Tartu Literature House. Every year some musical pieces and works of art are performed here for the first time. The festival aims to enrich the cultural life in Tartu and Estonia by offering a an interesting and concentrated programme as well as an experience almost out of bounds in boundless November.