25. septembril kell 18:00 toimub Kirjanduse Maja saalis kirjanduslik teisipäev loovkirjutamisega! 

Literary Tuesday with creative writing! The workshop will be delivered in English but participants can write in any language they choose. Everyone is welcome!

Enne luuleprõmmu suurt finaali võtame korraks aja maha ja kogume materjali algava hooaja jaoks. Kohtume eesti finaali külalisesineja Bence Bárányga, kes juhendab kirjutamise töötuba "Finding Topics".

"One of the most essential thing about poetry slam is to be true on stage, to find the topics which the performer is really interested in. However it sounds quite easy it is usually a difficult part, it takes a lot to dive into your own thoughts and feelings and then transform them into a text that gives a proper picture about the dive you did. 
With the practises included in the workshop I hope to give the participants the opportunity to make these dives together and to find out what they really want to speak about.
No more spoilers. It's gonna be fun."

"I am Bence Bárány from the home of goulasch, pálinka and the strange rastafarian dog, you know, Hungary. For me poetry slam is more about the ’slam’ part, there is always enough grotesque material to work with and to slam about.
In the Hungarian Poetry Slam Championship I've got 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd. In 2016 I represented my country at the European Poetry Slam Championship."

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